So the last few days have been busy here at the hospital but here’s the latest.

Bone Scan Procedure
Talk about a LONG ass day in a hallway! They got me from my room just after 8AM and I didn’t get back until after 6PM. The procedure itself was painless and pretty cool. They drew my blood, spun it down to only white blood cells, tagged them with a radioactive isotope, reinjected them into me and we waited a few hours and then did the scan. WBCs flock to infection so they were trying to see how deep the infection in my leg was to understand if it was in the bone, hardware, or just near the surface to decide what the best course of action would be.

The results of this test were good and based on what they saw it looks like most likely no deep bone infection, which means we are staying away from worst case scenario for now!

PICC Line Insertion
OUCH – just OUCH! What a procedure! At this point from the antibiotics, and being in a bed for a week, and not being in a gym for a few months my veins are not super great and they like to hide from needles. You can see them until I’m stabbed and then they disappear.  I think that means they’re super smart but it also means more challenges for these nurses.  The PICC line procedure was no different than what they’ve been doing for regular IVs.  The first spot she tried was a  fail and is now a gross bruise so she had to go all the way up to right under my armpit, once we got the vein it wouldn’t pass the wire and then when the tube was in and it went up my neck a few times instead of down to my heart and after all of that the x-ray showed it was kinked.  It seemed I wasn’t getting a break at all but with some manipulation and movement my kinky catheter got its act together and it was finally done and has made things much easier since, thank goodness.

CT Scan – Bonus Procedure?
When the nurse practitioner, Brenda, came to see me yesterday morning post PICC insertion it was originally with the good news of the infection scan but then upon seeing my leg and that it had started draining it changed everything. She snapped some pics, texted with Dr P, and it was decided that I needed surgery, a CT scan, and an infectious disease consult (not in that order).

All of that happened yesterday, I don’t know the results of the CT scan yet but should find out today and surgery has been scheduled for Friday morning.  The plan is to do an irrigation & drainage procedure at the site of visible infection. This is a WAY better surgery option than some that we’ve discussed but still another surgery so new risks and we aren’t sure what they will find and how deep exactly they will need to go.

Brenda will be by today (Thursday) to go over the plan for surgery and the CT results and we’ll go from there. Although things aren’t perfect, I think I’m still on a pretty good path and that this shouldn’t set things back too much. Working to keep my spirits up and stay rested and getting a few things unstuck at work so the team can keep moving forward.

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