I’m back from my adventure to Tuolumne in the Central Valley and today catching you up on some of the changes that I briefly mentioned last week happening at work. This is part of the reason I needed a few days to hang out with Kaiser (my great dane), unplug, think, and make a plan!

Additionally, I spent a good deal of time the past few days going through collection and clarifying as I transition my very scattered personal productivity system to the Getting Things Done (GTD) method! If you haven’t heard of GTD or struggle with balance between work and personal tasks I highly recommend giving the book a read.

Today’s Morning [2] Minute Video:



I’ll be constantly evolving the setup of my system as I figure out the best way to integrate work/personal items and start to leverage Nozbe in a more effective and better way to support the principles and system. Stay tuned for more but if you have any questions, let me know!

Lastly, I’ll be working on a post from the trip over the next few days so check back soon to see some of the photos/video that I took from the adventure.

Have a great Tuesday! =)

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