So tomorrow is the big day for the next surgery. Here’s the breakdown of the plan for tomorrow: Remove all hardware (nail and screws), Resect infected bone, Add external fixation, Create a muscle flap, Place a new antibiotic spacer, and possibly a skin graft. The crew leading the operation are Dr. Edward Miranda, Plastic Surgeon, and Dr. Murat Pekmezci, Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. P did the original surgery after the accident and has been with me every step of the journey since.

I’m feeling really good about the crew that will be operating, but am certainly anxious about surgery #4 and being on the table for 4-6 hours and wiping the slate clean essentially. However, this is the best way to make sure that Dr. Ling, Infectious Disease, can make sure she kicks this infections ass with the next round of antibiotics and that we have an even better foundation for bone healing moving forward.

Today was a busy day trying to wrap up work for the next few days and spend time with Charles, Mom, and Dad. We went to an awesome lunch at Perry’s on Union St and then Mom & Dad made parmesan encrusted chicken for dinner and stuffed quahog clam’s for dinner. I can certainly say we had some laughs and that my appetite is satisfied before I go into lockdown in just a few minutes.

Here’s hoping that all goes well tomorrow!

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